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We're Fixigo, a team of cleaning ninjas—who love cleaning, detailing, and disinfecting cars!

Our team has a strong passion for cleanliness and hygiene—yes, germ-free surfaces make us happy! We truly believe in the transformative power of eco-friendly cleaning products and semi- waterless detailing system and their ability to help people maintain a healthy life and save the earth respectively.

Above everything, we have a strong value for time. We understand you got your plates full therefore we have brought you on-demand car care and cleaning services on your door. We’re more than excited to learn about you, help you declutter, clean and disinfect your car.

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Trusted by hundreds of customers, Fixigo takes your job of maintaining the showroom-shine of your car, helping you to spend your time doing what matters. We pride ourselves on being an eco-friendly car wash service provider. Through years of R&D and surveys conducted across the globe, our dedicated team has found a car wash methodology that uses as low as 0.5 liters of water per vehicle, which is far less as compared to the conventional car wash services that spend approximately 25-40 Liters of water per vehicle. This methodology helps a great deal with our mission, i.e., ‘save the earth’.


We have brought to you a comprehensive mobile application to clean your car inside-out. This means no more waiting in a long line for long hours. Customers just need to download the app, schedule a time, and our team will meet them at their door! Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

This is just a start line, we're looking forward to improving our approach and much more in the coming days.

Be a part of our awesome journey!

Let us make your car, life, and our planet healthier!

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